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Bloomington police worry how long Drug-induced DUI’s could take

Bloomington (WEEK) — Thursday night the Bloomington Cannabis Task Force held their second public meeting.

Our news partners at WJBC report the two Bloomington Police representatives on the city’s task force are concerned how long it could take to arrest someone for a drug-induced DUI, compared to an alcohol-related DUI.

It could take hours to transport a suspect for a blood draw and eventually to jail, said Sgt. Aaron Veerman.

Assistant Chief Greg Scott said there’s a lack of hard data, even in Colorado, where marijuana has been legal since 2014.

“If something happens here that raises the crime rate in DUI or outlying burglaries or robberies, it could negatively impact some of the quality of life issues that we can address like loud music or abandoned cars, those kinds of things,” said Scott.

Downtown business owners are preferring that recreational marijuana dispensaries be placed somewhere outside of the downtown area.

Giovanni Lebron

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