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OSF HealthCare to merge with Chicago-based medical center

PEORIA (WEEK) – OSF HealthCare will be expanding into the Chicago area after the organization finalized a deal with Little Company of Mary Hospitals and Health Centers in Southwest Chicago.

The merger, according to OSF, will take place February 1, 2020. Until then, the two organizations will seek regulatory approvals while working on planning strategies.

Little Company of Mary operates two facilities, including a 252-bed acute care hospital, and an employee base of 2,100 people, according to a press release by the healthcare organization Wednesday.

A press release Wednesday morning sent by OSF Healthcare outlines the underlying decision after weeks of progress toward the aforementioned goal.

The new facility will be named OSF HealthCare Little Company of Mary Medical Center.

“The organizations’ boards have adopted a definitive agreement and decided on a new name: OSF HealthCare Little Company of Mary Medical Center.” the release states.

“A focused discernment went into the decision to rename our facility,” said Sister Sharon Ann Walsh, L.C.M, Chairperson of the Board of Directors. “As our two congregations came together and discussed ways to reflect our new partnership, it was important to both communities that we found a name that would preserve our strong heritage.”

The months leading up to the merge will include both organizations working on the necessary regulatory and canonical approvals while working out logistics and planning of strategies related to meeting the needs of the communities in the southwest Chicago area.

Lauren Melendez

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