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Over 100 Peoria-Area Officials Earn Six-Figure Pensions

PEORIA (WEEK) – $4 million. That is how much several Peoria area officials are expected to make from their pension, according to a new report by the Taxpayer Education Foundation.

The report includes pension data from municipal employees, teachers, and state university staff. In this group, over a hundred people are receiving pensions in the six figures every year.

Retired Peoria Heights Schools Superintendent Roger Bergia commands the highest annual pension, bringing in over $240,000.

Former ICC President, Thomas Thomas, ranks second, earning around $225,000 a year from his pension.

Topping the municipal employee list is Judge Kevin Lyons, who’s annual pension will total $147,760 once he retires.

Jim Tobin with Taxpayers United of America claims these high pensions forced Illinois into bankruptcy.

“We are bankrupt already, Illinois is bankrupt, but the federal government will not allow us to declare bankruptcy, so we continue with this agony of these constant tax increases,” said Tobin.

Tobin added these pensions and the taxes needed to support them are forcing people out of their homes.

All of this follows a different report from the financial services company, Moody’s. Their report found that Illinois had the highest pension burden in the nation. The state’s liability totals over $240 Billion.

Andy Weber

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