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Rise up: Raising money to help give kids hands-on business experience

Appsco, a growing student empowerment group in Peoria, held an event to raise money to help them continue helping area students.

The event was dubbed “Rise Up,” taking place at Venue Chisca in the Peoria Warehouse District, with all proceeds are going to benefit the non-profit, now entering its fifth year.

Appsco offers hands-on business experience to high school students at Richwoods and Manual. Not only are they learning from local business leaders, they can earn school credits and even money in some paid positions.

Past members of the program have helped out with projects for Wildlife Prairie Park, the Riverfront Museum and the “Saving Peoria Stadium” efforts.

“It became an in-school curriculum. So we’re a business-econ credit towards graduation. The best kids from our daytime make it to our after school program where they’re paid,” explains founder Alexis Khazzam.

“So my first year they only had one class. And now this year they have two classes of Appsco. So, it’s really been expanding. It’s been great to watch that,” shares Richwoods Appsco Manager Cassidey Miles-Coleman.

The Appsco program currently works with 80 students, between both Manual and Richwoods high schools.

Caitlin Knute

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