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ISU faculty, students excited about multicultural center coming to campus

NORMAL (WEEK) — After years of planning, Illinois State University announced it will bring a multicultural center to campus by fall 2020.

The center will be located at 301 S. Main Street, a building the university currently owns and will have meeting and event rooms, a full kitchen and a meditation room for students to use.

ISU Spanish Club advisor Marinelly Castillo said this center is something the campus population has been advocating for since she was a graduate student many years ago.

“I will say that a multicultural center is like a dream come true. I hope that for those students, minority students can find a safe place on campus where they can go and use it as a resource on campus,” Castillo said.

With many of the university’s 400 student organizations catering to diversity, the center will serve as a place for them to meet.

“Speaking on freshman specifically they always talk about having a culture shock. So by going to the multicultural center they’re going to feel more at home,” Association of Latinx American Students Treasuer Arturo Lopez said.

Many public universities in the country already have places for their diverse populations. So, before deciding what one would look like at ISU, their administration created a task force to craft a vision for their own multicultural center.

Stephanie Rodriguez

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