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Peoria councilwoman pushing for new streetlights for South side safety

PEORIA (WEEK) – Peoria City Councilwoman Denise Moore is pointing to lighting as a way to better protect the public.

She said many of the streetlights on the South side of the city are old, outdated or simply don’t work.

As a result, she’s pushing to include funding in the city’s budget. But, because these repairs go beyond just installing new lightbulbs, she admits it will be costly.

“When you have a system that’s as antiquated as some of these, you run into several millions of dollars,” she said. “But we need to plan for that.”

Moore says the investment is worth it when it comes to public safety.

She also says residents can do their part to better illuminate their neighborhoods to leave their front porch lights on at night.

Jason Howell

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