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Morton school board reverses course to allow e-sports team

MORTON (WEEK) — Morton’s school board says, “game on” after all.

Two weeks after voting to table the team’s creation for a year, the board changed its mind Tuesday night. The school district credited the students’ compromises in a Facebook post.

Two of the students pictured said their goal was not to fight the board, but work with them. “What we did was listen to the problems they had and instead of arguing about them we found the solutions to them,” Morton junior Tyler Rolinitis said.

“A special thanks to the students who presented solutions to the board members’ concerns,” the post said. “Their preservation and professionalism was appreciated by all.”

Rolinitis said the board was worried about two things: condoning League of Legends, which is rated T for Teen by the Entertainment Software Rating Board, as an after school activity, and screen time. To ease their concerns, the team is opting to play Rocket League, which is rated E for Everyone, and take breaks during practices.

Austin Getz, a senior, says the months-long push to create the team was well worth it, and encourages other school districts to do the same. “It just brings kids in the community that don’t feel involved in other things together and involves them in something they like and enjoy to do,” he said.

The team is not sure when they will play their first match.

Bobby Oler @bobbyoler

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