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CxT Roasting expanding in North Peoria with new space for roastery and cafe

Tristan Popadziuk said the CxT Coffee business started as a passion amongst family. He said they would sit around and enjoy coffee with each other and being the technical, curious person he is, decided to pick up roasting. Nearly four years ago he said he bought his first small roaster and went to work in his garage.

CxT took off downtown Peoria almost 3 years ago. Now they are expanding with a new space in Keller Station near Junction City and Donovan Park. They have a brand new state of the art 15 kilogram roaster and a large space for a cafe.

Popadziuk said the coffee culture in the Peoria area is to thank for their success. “There’s so many different selections around the Peoria area to build a coffee community,” he explained. “I think it’s very important that we have that because coffee brings so many people together,” he added.

Popadziuk said the key for them is being transparent with their customers. They are open about how the coffee is roasted, where the coffee comes from, and how it’s served. CxT boasts fifteen different types of single-sourced coffee, constantly rotating beans from Guatemala, Kenya, Ethiopia, Brazil, Columbia, and more.

“You’re eable to essentially have a passport to travel the world and try new coffees and experiencing new coffees,” said Popadziuk. And that’s exactly what CxT will attempt to do when they open their new location sometime toward the end of September.

They also plan to host “VIP cupping” events and Popadziuk wants to start a “Roasting Coterie” club for people who are interested in the science of coffee roasting.

Kyle Beachy

Kyle Beachy is a Multimedia Journalist for 25 News and Heart of Illinois. Born and raised in Kokomo, Indiana, he attended Indiana Wesleyan University where he studied Education and played baseball. He comes to us from Columbus, Ohio where he received a Master’s Degree from The Ohio State University.

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