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25 Women in Leadership: Jennie Van Antwerp

Jennie Van Antwerp is the director of Acute Care and Critical Care at Methodist and Proctor hospital campuses at Unity Point Health. She led the team for the development of a research based nurse residency program.

In addition to classroom training, the program also allows new nurses to be introduced to two or three similar patient care areas prior to accepting a full-time role as a nurse and brings them from the classroom to the bedside.  This reduces nursing staff turnover and improves nursing care.

Jennie also led the team for ANCC Magnet designation, achieving the 4th designation for the Methodist hospital campus and the first Magnet designation for the Proctor campus. Hospitals who achieve Magnet designation have proven nurse engagement and empowerment, which rolls into quality patient outcomes.   Jennie challenges the nursing profession and knows it must change with the times.

Jennie is an out of the box thinker and is one of our 25 Women in Leadership.

Jason Howell

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