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25 Women in Leadership: Stephanie Seidl

A woman in leadership is not defined by a single role. It’s not as a result of a profession, project or title. It comes from the core of who they are and their ability to build others up.

Stephanie is such a leader. She leads with confidence and grace.  Her family moved to Washington to establish a new Church in the Sunnyland community.

This was a move of faith.

Stephanie and her husband raised the money to start their new congregation. To date they have spent four years building their church. Stephanie leads the vocals on Sunday mornings and is the lead vocal for the worship band. Stephanie also welcomes life groups into her home for weekly meetings. As the pastor’s wife she always responds to all situations with deep love and compassion.

Stephanie’s service goes beyond the realm of the church. She serves as the assistant clinical coordinator for the SASS program, which serves children in psychiatric crisis situations at the Children’s Home in Peoria. Recently, Stephanie has been accepted into graduate school to earn her master’s degree in counseling.

So, it’s not a single role in compassion and caring for Stephanie.  It is who she is and for this we honor her with the 25 Women in Leadership.

Drew Veskauf

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