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Zero K raises money for Peoria resident officer home

On Saturday in Peoria Heights, many came out to support a great cause with a race, without having to run a single mile.

The 5th annual Peoria Zero K held in Heritage Square was filled with food and drink along with music and an auction.

This year all proceeds of the event will go toward Build Peoria’s project to renovate a resident officer home in Peoria’s north valley.

President of Build Peoria, Nick Yates, said this is just one example of their groups work to make Peoria a better place.

“It’s going to be the 5th resident officer program house for the Peoria police department and what that does is it helps promote more community policing with having a police officer in the neighborhood to be able to be their neighbor, be their friend before they are their police officer.” said Yates.

Build Peoria’s signature event, the chili cook off, will be held on September 22nd at Dozer Park.

Kaitlin Pearson

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