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25 Women in Leadership: Brandy Maxwell

Brandy Maxwell’s day starts at 3:30 a.m. and ends after 6 p.m., usually.

Brandy is the Director of Operations for over 13 facilities, which includes seven in-center clinics, two home dialysis clinics and six hospital programs for Fresenius Kidney Care.

She has worked her way up in the company over the past 22 years attending school to obtain a nursing degree and to gain expertise to prepare her for her role as a DO.  She is on site at clinics throughout Illinois including Peoria, Bloomington, Galesburg and Ottawa, and assists her clinic managers with day to day operations.

In the past year, she oversaw the construction of two clinics from the ground up as she functioned as the general contractor on these projects to ensure these clinics were built to company guidelines. On the Galesburg clinic move-in day, Brandy was one of the physical movers making sure the equipment, supplies and everything else was set up to specifications.

Her day doesn’t end at 6 p.m, however. You can find Brandy on the phone making arrangements to get the patients lined up with the services they need.

She is okay with this because her clinics deliver life sustaining treatments. Outside of the clinic, Brandy is involved in fund raising efforts to help patients with the central Illinois Memorial Kidney Fund.

Her drive, her dedication and her continued efforts towards lifelong learning has earned her a place among our 25 Women in Leadership.

Drew Veskauf

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