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25 Women in Leadership: Melissa Borders

(WEEK) — Melissa Borders is the Child Welfare Director at FamilyCore which oversees the entire foster care program.

Melissa is a dedicated professional who truly cares deeply about her clients and the children she is serves. The vision of Family Core is “strengthening families for a stronger community” by creating a balance of resources and care to foster and equip healthy, productive children and families.

Melissa works every day to see that this happens.  She is a true leader who inspires her caseworkers and supervising staff. She leads by example and has never lost touch with casework and the barriers, struggles and stressors of the job.

You can find Melissa supervising a child’s visit with their parent, working late to move a child to a new foster home, covering a court hearing or dropping everything to help a caseworker who has been threatened or harmed by a client.  Melissa has played a huge role in reunifying thousands of families, as well as finding safe and loving adoptive homes when children cannot safely return to their biological parents.

Her impact on the community is second to none — one family at a time.

That is who she helps. Melissa’s work is life changing and life saving at the same time.

Let’s welcome Melissa to the 25 Women in Leadership.

Drew Veskauf

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