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CBD Store Opening in Washington

PEORIA (WEEK) — CBD Sellers continue to pop up in the area, today one operation opened their fourth location in Central Illinois. says last year, over $500 million dollars was made in CBD sales. Why does this stuff fly off the shelves? It is likely because of claims that CBD can treat a variety of chronic conditions.

Ryan Harvey, manager of Your CBD Store in Washington, says products can help with issues like, “anxiety, depression, stress, arthritis, pain, Crohn’s, PTSD, the list kind of goes on and on.”

CBD is a chemical compound usually taken from hemp plants, which as pharmacist Corey Dolan explains, is not the same thing as Marijuana.

“”Cannabis there are two plants in that family, there’s hemp and there’s marijuana, the marijuana has high levels of THC which gets you high, hemp has low levels with no psychoactive effect,” said Dolan.

And with its high sale numbers, CBD is also expanding in Central Illinois.Thursday, Your CBD Store opened their fourth location in the area. This one in Washington.Harvey says the carry a wide array of products.

Corey Dolan says CBD products can work for some people but that users need to make sure they buy products that have been properly tested.

“The number one thing that a person should prioritize when looking into a CBD product is analyzing that third party certificate of analysis and speaking with a healthcare professional, not just going and speaking with a salesman,” said Dolan.

He adds that you get what you pay for. And with CBD’s, cheap is not necessarily the always a good thing.

Andy Weber

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