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Central Illinois law enforcement able to hone skills in simulator

PEORIA (WEEK) – Police in Central Illinois have a high-tech simulator they can use to hone their skills – and hopefully learn how to save lives.

The simulator is a 300 degree display located at the Central Illinois Police Training Center in Peoria.

They can train for tense scenarios like domestic abuse and DUI stops.

Someone is always watching over the simulator just off-stage and they can modify it on-the-fly.

One benefit of this training is that it works an officer’s peripheral vision.

“This gets you that head swivel, because you always have to be looking around you for traffic for other individuals for activities,” said Mike Oyer, director of the training center. “This simulation greatly increases that.”

The system responds to weapons fire and even shocks officers when they’ve been shot in the training.

Jason Howell

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