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Pritzker signs law expanding insurance coverage for Lyme Disease treatment, Epipens

SPRINGFIELD (WEEK) – Governor JB Pritzker signed a bill into law today expanding insurance coverage for Lyme Disease testing and treatment.

The new law will support farmers throughout the state who have struggled to pay for continuing treatments. Antibiotics and treatments can cost treatments can cost thousands of dollars for each patient.

Pritzker says those fees can take devastating toll on Illinois families.

“With this new legislation, Illinois is declaring that insurance can no longer put up barriers against those living with Lyme Disease,” said Pritzker.

Tick-born diseases have been on the rise since 2004, affecting many farm communities.

“Many are losing their homes, their businesses and their pensions to try and pay for continued treatment,” said Illinois Lyme Association Director Jennifer Russell. “This legislation provides them with desperately needed options.”

The governor also signed a law requiring insurance companies to cover Epinephrine autoinjectors for children with severe allergies.

EpiPens can cost a family nearly $700 without insurance. They typically have a shelf life of a little more than a year before the medicine needs to be replaced.

Jason Howell

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