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Pritzker signs two bills expanding medical cannabis program

(WEEK) — As Illinois prepares to fully legalize marijuana in 2020, Governor Pritzker is now signing into law two bills expanding medical marijuana at school.

The first bill expands access to medical cannabis for patients with autism, chronic pain, and others.

This was part of a pilot program set to expire in 2020, but it’s now permanent.

The second bill allows children using medical cannabis to have access to those medications in school.

“These bills are about access to healthcare,” said Rep. Bob Morgan (D-Highwood). “After all, we’ve made it so easy in Illinois and across the county to have access to lethal opioids, as opposed to non-lethal, safe medical cannabis.”

Before, only parents or guardians could administer medical cannabis for their kids. Now, parents can authorize school personnel to supervise their kid while they take their medication.

Jason Howell

web producer and stills photographer for 25 News and Heart of Illinois ABC

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