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A smashing good time: New interactive business opens in Bloomington

A new interactive business is open in Bloomington and this one lets you take your frustrations out safely.

David Kagel opened Smash Club as a way to keep busy after retirement.

“I went online and researched it and I saw that there a lot them in the United States and the bigger cities and there wasn’t any competition in Central Illinois so I thought why not? It’s very low cost all my materials are pretty much donated,” Kagel said.

“Fun, exercise, stress relief that the three things I like to emphasize.”

Participants have to suit up by wearing helmets, gloves and signing a waiver before getting to swinging with either a bat, crowbar or pipe.

This is not the first hands-on business to open in Central Illinois, a sign of the times to those who work with local businesses.

“New generations have different preferences. We’ve seen retail desires change and you really see the reflection of younger people who are getting into the workforce and have expendable income. They have free time and want to utilize it. They want experiences,” Vice President of the Bloomington Economic Developmental Council said.

Adding a personalized touch you can bring your own items to destroy at Smash Club.

“I have to approve it because we can’t have anything with batteries in it or gases or liquids. But we’re anticipating people bringing pictures of their ex,” Kagel said.

To book an appointment to visit Smash Club you can visit their Facebook page or call (309)-533-6445.

Stephanie Rodriguez

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