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25 Women in Leadership: Pam Ingersoll-Goede

(WEEK) — The next time to turn on the tap to get your drinking water think of Pam Ingersoll-Goede.

Pam is the face behind the work that occurs each and every day to ensure your drinking water is safe.

Pam is a scientist who studied at the University of Chicago majoring in biological studies – biology, chemistry and physics. Pam now works for Illinois American Water as the Water Quality Supervisor. She can be viewed as a positive role model for young girls not only for her the value of her education but for the fact she has succeeded in what has been a predominately male oriented field.

So, Pam is proof that you can achieve your goals and have a rewarding career through education and hard work.

Pam is all about educating the public. She can be seen giving tours at Illinois American Water, speaking at local groups such as Rotary and visiting local classrooms.

Pam is a WET certified educator (Water Education for Teachers). Project WET develops science and water education and curriculum for teachers to explain water resources to youth. Pam is a sought-after speaker and she willingly donates her time to events such as the Clean Water Celebration and community career fairs.

So, the next time you turn on your tap think of Pam, one of your Women in Leadership.

Drew Veskauf

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