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22 Acts of Kindness in 22 Days

Washington native Chris Lowe left her home on July 26th for a journey across America in an RV. Her mission is to help others through random acts of kindness.

“There’s something bigger going on in the world and people need to be part of something bigger than themselves,” said Lowe.

Lowe will be spending the next 22 days in 22 states. She believes her acts of kindness will help people realize the value of helping one another.

“”If we could all connect with each other, and feel the love, passion, compassion that comes along with just an act of kindness, we can raise the kindness collective quota of this country,” she said.

Lowe was inspired to embark on the trip because of her son. Hudson Lowe died by suicide two years ago. He would have been 22 this year.

“He loved this the kind of thing, he went to schools to talk about kids about saving the planet,” said Chris about her son.

While in college, Hudson took different medications to perform in the classroom, something his mom said they planned to address. He agreed and said he already had plans to help others struggling with similar issues.

He told his mom that, “When I figure this out, I’m going to travel the country and speak to kids, and help them get through what I just got through, what I am gonna get through and I going teach them how to do it and I’m probably going to write a book about it.”

Three days later, Hudson died. Chris took on her son’s mission.

“Less people will be sitting there feeling sad or depressed or anxious because you’re out there doing this,” she added.

So far, her trip has taken her through cities like New York and Washington DC. Today, she stopped in Metamora to buy school supplies for students in need.

For more details on Chris’ journey, visit her website.

Andy Weber

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