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GOP HQ Vandalized in Twin Cities

Vandals apparently have an interest in harassing the headquarters of the Republican party in the twin cities.

Staff members at the prospect road building in Bloomington found odd, anti-Trump statements and stickers taped onto their sign over the weekend.

They suspect it happened Friday night, but also believe this was the 4th incident of vandalism since June.

The chairwoman feels the material left behind has become more disturbing over time.

So, they’ve replaced the signage and are planning to add security cameras.

“We will be on our guard,” said Connie Beard, Chairwoman of the McLean County Republican party. “As the first woman chairman of McLean County, I stepped into this at a fairly civil time. And my word, hehe. This year has changed the whole tone of politics. And it’s very sad. We’re going to try to continue to make people and urge people to have discussions in civil terms. And name calling is not an answer to having effective conversations.”

They did file police reports.

And in a conference call this week with other Illinois republicans, Beard says they heard about other similar acts of vandalism at GOP offices, including what she described as spray paint and broken windows.

Tyler Lopez

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