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UPDATE: McLean Unit 5 comments on sex assault charges, arrest of teacher

UPDATE: Unit 5 School District Spokesperson Dayna Brown has issued a statement regarding the arrest of a teacher on charges of sexually abusing a student:

Unit 5 has been notified that first-grade teacher Jon Hovey has been arrested for inappropriate contact with a student.

Safety of students is our top priority. When district officials first learned of the allegations in April 2019, administrators immediately contacted the Normal Police Department and the Department of Children and Family Services.

Mr. Hovey was immediately placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. He has not been allowed back to the school since.

Mr. Hovey has been employed by Unit 5 for 18 years at Glenn Elementary School. As is a requirement for all employees, he underwent a thorough background check.

The district is working closely with authorities to cooperate in the investigation of this case.

Authorities said the arrest is related to the April 2019 allegation, in addition to allegations made by a student against Mr. Hovey in 2005.

Current district and school administration was not employed by Unit 5 at the time of the 2005 alleged incident. But officials said Unit 5 cooperated with authorities at that time. Charges were not filed in 2005, and Mr. Hovey remained employed by the district.

We understand that these allegations are very disturbing and Unit 5 will support our families.  Parents should contact the principal if they have any school-related questions.

Dayna Brown

Unit 5 School District

Mason Dowling

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