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New Law Should Help Applicants with Criminal Records Join Health Care Industry

An estimated 4 million men and women should have more employment options after Governor JB Pritzker signed a new bill into law Wednesday.

Senate bill 1965 is intended to make it easier for those with an arrest or conviction to pursue a job in the health care field by allowing more groups to conduct background checks with finger-prints earlier.

The old way?

Applicants had to get a job offer first, then go for the background check…And often watch the offer disappear once the criminal record showed up.

“If this sounds ridiculous, that’s because it is.. I want you all to know I want to get my dream job. And other people with records want to work,” said Jenny King, an ex-offender who applauds the new law:

She estimates the application process even now could still take her 8 to 10 weeks to navigate.

But there are jobs.

Pritzker estimates more than 93,000 spots will open up in the health care industry by 2026.

Tyler Lopez

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