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Apartment damaged in afternoon fire in Normal

NORMAL, Ill. (WEEK) — A kitchen fire has left an apartment in Normal damaged.

It happened at 4:38 PM Monday at 1008 Morgan Street, a two story 8-unit apartment building.

Firefighters were able to find the fire inside a first floor apartment, and got it under control in about 10 minutes.

The building required extensive ventilation efforts to clear the smoke and carbon monoxide from the remaining apartments.

Once the ventilation efforts began, a secondary search of the building was performed and firefighters located two cats in the affected apartment. They were removed from the building and given oxygen treatments by firefighters using special masks designed for animals.  Other animals were located in other apartments, but they were sheltered in place as the hazardous smoke and carbon monoxide were within acceptable limits.

Damage estimates are unavailable, but Normal firefighters say the affected apartment had heavy heat and smoke damage, especially in the kitchen. There was also moderate water damage and damage to the walls and cabinets from fire suppression and overhaul efforts.

No one was injured.

The exact origin and cause of the fire remain under investigation.

John Kendall

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