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Bloomington woman fined after exotic cat attack

Bloomington (WEEK) — A Bloomington woman was ordered to pay $2,000 after her exotic cat attacked two people in late June.

Amy Doyle admitted to violating three city animal ordinances, including letting a dog and cat loose and three counts of failing to register an animal. The cat was shot and killed after the attack, but the victims did not have life threatening injuries.

Peoria County Animal Protection Services director Becky Spencer says there are many reasons exotic animals, like the caracal cat Doyle owned, are not allowed in most municipalities.

“Without [special care they need] very quickly they could deteriorate and we wouldn’t want to see that happen,” Spencer said. “So give us a call and we can talk you through. If it’s something you’re legal to have we can help you with information about how to best care for them as well.”

She also says PCAPS will take exotic animals you may have that violate ordinances, “In addition to being animal control we’re an open admission animal shelter and we turn no animal away. If you come to us tomorrow with an exotic species we’re not going to ask a lot of questions but that’s your opportunity to turn the animal over to us and sign it over and we’ll take care of it from there.”

Bobby Oler @bobbyoler

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