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Animals Also Struggling With High Heat

Animals are getting extra attention this week in this extreme heat.

Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington is where we found some of them taking a nap in the shade, waiting for conditions to improve.

But because it’s going to take several days, staff members are checking the animals for any signs of heat distress.

“The zookeepers will always go around and check on the animals to make sure there’s no sign of heat stress. We don’t want to see any excess breathing, panting, walking around looking uncomfortable,” Peter Burvenich, General Curator of Miller Park Zoo: “If we do notice any of that we try to get them into a cooler space, try to get them cooled down as quickly as possible. But, fortunately, that hasn’t happened.”

Zoo staff say every animal has access to water or a shaded area, or, in some cases, a misting system to help them cool off.

Tyler Lopez

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