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ISU Hopes to Build New Dorm Rooms

Illinois State University is working now toward a future with more dorm rooms.

They require sophomore Redbirds to live on campus.

And unlike some Illinois schools, ISU has had stable student enrollment for a decade.

But they only have one housing option for sophomores now, so they need to build.

A spokesman calls it a good problem to have.

They’re looking at a public-private partnership and have two proposals now.

“So it’s a money investment for both the company and for us. We would be able to build a facility like this a lot quicker than if we were trying to go through the state capital process,” said Eric Jome, ISU media relations director.

ISU plans to let the private developer build it, and then the university would buy the finished building later.

Jome emphasized there are no actual contracts at this point but they’re hoping to have the new buidling ready by the fall of 2021.

Tyler Lopez

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