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Christensen Sentencing Day 2: Zhang’s Father Takes the Stand

Tuesday marked the second day of testimony in the sentencing of Brendt Christensen. He is facing the death penalty for murdering University of Illinois scholar Yingying Zhang.
While on the stand Tuesday, Yingying Zhang’s father said his life cannot be complete without his daughter.
Ronggao Zhang broke down during testimony after the prosecution showed a picture of Yingying and her parents the day she left China to come to the US to study. It was the last time Mr. Zhang saw his daughter alive.
Christensen wiped away tears as Mr. Zhang struggled to answer the prosecutor’s questions.
A video feed of Yingying’s mother described her daughter as selfless, saying she was always helping those in need.
Finally, the prosecution played recordings of Christensen describing to his girlfriend how he killed Zhang. Christensen said no one would ever find her because he was so good at being a killer.
Testimony resumes today at 9am at the Peoria Federal Courthouse where we expect to hear from Zhang’s brother.
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Mike Miletich

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