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Peoria’s Taft Homes to get a multi-million dollar makeover

PEORIA (WEEK) – Peoria’s Taft Homes will be getting a makeover, a makeover that could cost 17-20 million dollars. Housing Director Jackie L Newman says the cost will be covered through funding from state and local agencies.

She adds the redevelopment of the community will require residents to be relocated, “There has been a relocation process going on for the past year, individuals who will reside within properties we currently own, some individuals that have received vouchers, and will relocate to the private market.”

PHA hired Wisconsin-based Bear Development to oversee the project and is working with firm to gather additional resources to ensure completion of the redevelopment.

Newman adds the project was fifteen years in the making, “We wanted to add value to the city of Peoria, we wanted families to have quality affordable housing…providing a new, improved, updated neighborhood.”

Taft’s Redevelopment will be discussed during the Housing Authority’s board meeting on August 5th at the Taft Homes complex.

Molly Jirasek

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