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Peoria infants gaining confidence and life-saving swimming skills at RiverPlex

Peoria (WEEK) — Peoria toddlers are gaining valuable skills and confidence in the water at the RiverPlex this summer.

“We like to say it’s best to get your kids in the water as soon as possible that way you’re not as scared,” swimming instructor Madie Adams said.

At the RiverPlex, kids as young as six months old can learn the basics. “Working on floating is a good one,” she said. “Kicking with straight legs and using straight arms that way you’re not as tired.”

Katie McLuckie and her daughter, Ellie Hearring, 3, are regulars at the pool. Hearring has been getting lessons since she was six months old, which is more than 80% of her life.

“It was something we felt was very important for her,” McLuckie says. “To learn how to be safe around water, to treat it with respect, and know how to act around it properly. To also be safe if something were to happen, and to have confidence and not be scared in the water.”

She adds safety is an important part of Hearring’s participation at such a young age, “The smallest accident can happen at any time any place, and if they have the proper tools and learn about it at a young age how to respect and how to be around water it’s life saving.”

The RiverPlex offers classes multiple days per week for beginners and advanced swimmers. Some class times are wait listed at this point, but there are still some available slots. You can see the schedule by clicking here.

Bobby Oler @bobbyoler

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