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Local Small Business Owner Recognized by Mayor Jim Ardis

Local business owner Donna Roth of Donna’s Downtown Deli received the proclamation award from Mayor Jim Ardis today. Customers say her hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

After 30 years of business at the twin towers mall and serving one point five million sandwiches
Donna’s downtown deli values customer service.

“Loyal customers of course I wouldn’t be here without them I feel that i try to make them comfortable and at home and like part of the family when they come in so that is I think what sets us apart you know we call them by name we know their sandwich, make them feel like their walking into their own kitchen,” said Owner of Donna’s Downtown Deli Donna Roth.

Roth was awarded the small business proclamation from Mayor Ardis after she was nominated by a long time customer. She credits her reliable staff for her success.

“I have a very loyal and dependable staff that helps me a lot and of course I couldn’t do all of it by myself so I do depend on them a lot you get used to it over the years you know what you have to do you get it done its definitely not a nine to five job come in early work late but I love it and I loved it all these years and i hope to be able to continue to do it,” said Donna Roth.

Roth’s advice for other local small businesses in the community is valuing customer service as the number one priority with running a small business.

Stephanie Rodriguez

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