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Grand Opening of The Romain Arts & Culture Community Center

After more than 7 years in prison and a newfound career as an artist Peoria’s Jonathon Romain is seeing one of his dreams become a reality.

As promised he’s opening ‘The Romain Arts & Culture Community Center’ you might recognize it as the old Greeley School. The vision for the center is to share the arts with the city and offer children an outlet.
on the walls you’ll see art by local kids. They’ll also offer education programs for kids.

“The need is important because the kids need a safe place to go after school they need a place to go for summer camp and we are providing that and the art is just the carrot we want to be able to instill in them life skills,” said CEO of ART Inc.

“Keeps them out of the streets and like the violence and drugs and stuff like that it gives them a hobby something to do instead of being in a bad crowd,” said Student Joseph Hinton.

The group ‘Art Inc’ is getting ready for its summer camp program here which starts Monday.

Stephanie Rodriguez

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