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Speeding tickets are about to get a lot more expensive

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WEEK) – Traffic tickets are just days away from getting a lot more expensive.

If you get caught going 20 mph over the speed limit the ticket jumps from $120 to $164. For a seat belt violation, that find nearly triples from $60 to $164.

Cell phone use while driving is also changing to a moving violation for first-time offenders, meaning tougher penalties.

Illinois State Police are warning you to pay attention before you have to pay up.

“Please if you’re going to travel, it’s starting to warm up, kids are out of school, vacation season starts, give yourself plenty of time to travel, leave a little extra early,” ISP Sgt. Tony Halsey said, “Watch your speed, wear your seat belt, stay off your phone, and please please please don’t drink and drive. ”

It used to be that texting and driving was only a moving violation after two or more offenses, but the new law changes it to a moving violation at the first offense.

After three moving violations, your license could get suspended.

All those changes go into effect July 1st.

Mike Miletich

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