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Store owner says he was shot at over a bag of Cheez-Its

In a police report obtained by Heart of Illinois ABC, the owner of Little Starr Market on W. Starr St. in Peoria said he was shot at by a teen who stole a bag of Cheez-Its from his store.

The police report said it happened June 14th, when officers were called to the Christ Lutheran Church parking lot around 10:25 p.m. The officer’s report states the owner of Little Starr Market told him that he was shot at in the church parking lot.

The owner said it all started when he saw a teen open the door to his store, quickly grab a bag of Cheez-Its, and run out.

That’s when the owner said he hopped in his car and went after the cracker thief. When the owner confronted the teen in the church parking lot, he said he told the boy, “all he had to do was ask for the chips and he would had [sic] given them to him.” After that, the man claims the teen cussed at him, pulled out a black handgun, and opened fire.

The owner said he thought the teen fired 6-7 shots, but he said he drove away and was unharmed.

The police report said they couldn’t find any shell casings or damage to the car. However, the one piece of evidence they did find was the bag of Cheez-Its; it will be tested for finger prints.

Police also said the theft was caught on security camera video.

Molly Jirasek

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