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Raccoon Lakes in Peoria County Sold

The Peoria Park District is selling Racoon Lakes to a private investor.

Expected to close on the deal Tuesday that property is 123.5 acres, located in southern Peoria county.

It includes two ponds, plus miles of trails.

It used to be a major hot spot, but was eventually closed to the public.

The property was put up for auction, after voters approved the sale, going for more than $530,000 to a private family.

“They want to use it for their personal residence. I know people were worried about it being subdivided and turned into something that would be difficult for neighbors… but it really is something that a family found, they fell in love with it, and were able to purchase it at auction,” said Emily Cahill, Executive Director of the park district.

Cahill says the money brought in through the auction will help fund the park district and support maintenance at other parks.

Tyler Lopez

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