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Princeville family loses home, business after fire

Flames began engulfing Los Jimadores Mexican Restaurant in Princeville around 9 p.m. on Monday night and after 6 hours 13 agencies using between 5 and 7 million gallons of water were able to put the fire out.

“When we approached the building was generating a lot of smoke we set up a line and started spraying water and got in mutual aid and continued the attack for several hours,” Princeville Village President and volunteer firefighter Jeff Troutman said.

Everyone inside the building made it out safely, though one cat died. The efforts to extinguish the blaze depleted all the village water supply which resulted in a boil order.

“We got to dangerous low levels of water for the village so we had to shut down and start trucking water in from Dunlap,” Troutman said.

The entire time volunteers from the American Red Cross were there offering food and water to firefighters.

“We ‘canteened’ for about 80 different first responders we also opened up six different cases and we helped a grand total of 11 adults and four children,” American Red Cross Volunteer Daniel Luthi said.

Some of those adults and children were the owners of Los Jimadores who owned the building and lived about their restaurant. Now, they will be spending their nights in hotels trying to figure out the next step.

“All of them did not tell us they had another place to go so we provided them the additional funds for lodging. we’ll give them a little bit for time to figure out what is going to happen,” Luthi said.

The American Red Cross will also give those left without home additional money for clothes and food.

The boil order is set to be lifted by Wednesday morning and demolition of the building began Tuesday.

Troutman said there is a fund at the Princeville State Bank to help those who have been displaced. To donate stop by the bank and tell them you would like to help the 6/17/19 fire fund.

Stephanie Rodriguez

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