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‘Bent but not broken’ – 13 year-old with scoliosis spreads hope

Diagnosed at just five-years-old with severe double scoliosis, Trinity Pfhal is no stranger to pain, but she is not letting anything get in her way.

Her unwavering strength seen in a video from her first procedure with Magnetic Control System growing rods. It’s state of the art technology, based on magnets that does not require any surgery after its implantation.

“To adjust the she just goes into Dr. Akeson’s office and he finds little magnets an find where the magnetic is in her body, marks it, and can literally lengthen her rods with a magnet.” said Trinity’s Mom Mindy Pfahl

This is just one bump on what has been a difficult road. Diagnosed at a Kindergarten check up, this x-ray shows her severe double scoliosis.

Her spine was an S. If she hand’t been standing there next to me I would have collapsed.” said Mindy Pfahl

For the first 9 months she wore a brace from the moment she woke up to bedtime. Six surgeries followed, but Trinity does not let her diagnosis define her.

“Be very upset about it all I want, but it should’t have to run my life and walk all over me like a door mat.”  said the 13 year old Trinity Pfhal

She loves to draw, paint, swim, and hang out with family and friends. With her new nicknamed “Magic Rods” she just gets adjustments every couple months. A big improvement from yearly surgeries, Shoe now loves motivating others, fighting the same battle.

“Keeping a happy face, with their chin held high shoulders back, while they have this thing that’s trying to chase them down, it’s amazing to see that and I kinda want everyone to be like that.” said Trinity

“People love Trinity, people are drawn to her and she knows that and she wants to take advantage of that and help others. said Mindy

Trinity will be hosting a fundraiser on June 25th for Scoliosis awareness month from 5-8 p.m. at McAllister’s in Bloomington.

100% of donations from local businesses in a  raffle and Scoliosis T-shirt’s to sell  will go to an organization called HiggyBears. They create stuffed animals with custom Scoliosis braces and rods and send them to pediatric Scoliosis patients around the world.

A portion of all the food sales from 5-8 pm will be donated as well.

For more information on Trinity’s journey check out their Facebook page here.

Kaitlin Pearson

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