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Fatal 2017 hit and run driver sentenced to probation

Two years after a deadly hit and run accident in Peoria, the driver was sentenced to 24 months of probation, tough news for the victims heart broken family.

On October 14th 2017, Peoria Police believe 42 year-old Timothy Duncan was on his way to work early in the morning on Charter Oak Road. Police say Hasmukhal Patel, who was headed east, tried to make a left hand turn and collided with the motorcycle Duncan was riding.

He was pronounced dead at a local hospital. His wife to be said the tragedy feels like yesterday.

“It took away my joy. I suffered the greatest loss and grief.” said his fiance, Maledy Mashora

Patel left the scene of that accident, but eventually came back, originally facing four charges including; causing an accident resulting in injury or death, failure to reduce speed, improper left turn into oncoming traffic and failure to give information or render aid.

Tuesday he was sentenced for leaving the scene of a personal injury accident. The other charges were dropped in 2018.

Now, he owes two years of probation plus community service hours.

The Duncan family cried out in disbelief in the courtroom.

“Nothing that they can do in that courthouse can ever bring anything back that can make me whole or happy again, nothing.” said Heather Shepherd, one of Tim’s sisters.

His Dad, Grant, said Cadillacs were the last thing they talked about on the phone the day before he died, wishing he could have that conversation one more time.

“You never know know it’s the last time you’re going to talk to one of your loved ones. Mr. Patel took a lot of lives, he thinks he just took my son’s, but he took all, a piece of all our lives.” said Grant Duncan Sr.

Patel doesn’t speak English, his children who spoke in the courtroom said he is remorseful after the accident and prays for the Duncan family daily.

Not enough for the Duncan family.

“Him being a cheerful person, he was so wonderful, so good. Time could be a friend, could be a lover, and he was a dad, and above all he was a son, he adored his parents so much.” said Mashora

Kaitlin Pearson

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