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Teenager Died In Distracted Driving Wreck, But It Wasn’t Her fault

A deadly crash on Route 116 over the weekend was an incredibly tragic case of distracted driving.

It happened 11:30 a.m. Saturday, along 116 in the 21000 block of West Farmington Road in Peoria County.

18 year-old Jozcelyn Lesones was trying to turn into her family’s driveway when she was hit from behind by another driver, Jason Frank of Yates City.

That created a three-car wreck, five people were hurt.

Mr. Frank was cited for failure to slow down and avoid an accident.

25News has learned Frank was distracted by his 2-year-old daughter, who was crying.

He told investigators he was trying to get her a pacifier, taking his focus off the road, Sheriff Brian Asbell said.

All of the injured people were treated there and/or released from the hospital, Asbell said.

Lesones was or had been Farmington high student, according to the Farmington Central CUSD #265 Facebook page:


Tyler Lopez

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