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Weather Tracker Quiz

Here’s Wednesday’s Weather Tracker Quiz.

Answer correctly and you’re name is entered for a free Weather Tracker umbrella from our weekly drawing! You can answer on Facebook and Twitter.


Wednesday’s quiz is listed below.


Below is a list of the past week’s answers.

Tuesday: How far is Earth tilted on its axis?
A. 0°
B. 23.5°
C. 45°
Answer: B

No Quiz Friday or Monday

Thursday: Tornadoes can be spawned from a hurricane.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

Wednesday: When comparing a hurricane to a tornado, which one affects more people?
A. Hurricane
B. Tornado
Answer: A

Tuesday: This mound of water called _____ is often responsible for destruction during a hurricane.
A. Storm Surge
B. Tsunami
C. Tidal Wave
Answer: A


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25 News Staff

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