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Morton kids sell lemonade for a good cause

A group of girls opened a special one-day lemonade stand Tuesday for the 6th year in a row. In Morton, the five elementary school students sold lemonade, popsicles, cookies, and even homemade slime all for a good cause.

Every year they donate the money to the Morton Gameball Run, which benefits the Children’s Hospital of Illinois. This year, they said the money is going to the Heller Center for kids with cancer, to provide non-medical support services for both children facing illnesses and their families. It’s a cause these young ladies say they’re eager to support.

“It’s important because there are some kids who don’t have it as good as you,” said 11-year-old Blair Litersky, “they might have cancer or something else, and it’s just good to help them and give them money so they can get the treatments or whatever they need.”

11-year-old Delanie Nichols said, “I just want them all live a happy life and not be sick, and it’s just amazing when they beat it, and I just hope they all get better.”

Last year, the girls raised more than $3,000 and they hope to beat that amount this year.

The funds were added to the Morton Gameball Run, which has raised more than $472,000 to date, all going to the Children’s Hospital of Illinois.

Molly Jirasek

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