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Time To Start Seeing Motorcycles

Memorial Day tends to mark the start of summer.

And that means two-wheelers on the roadways again.

State police want to remind you to beware that the warm weather brings out motorcycles.

While motorcycles make up just 3% of total vehicle registrations in Illinois they make up 14-15% of our fatalities each year.

“Some (accidents) are the motorcycle driver’s fault. Some are not. And crashes also lead to fatalities. And we just try to make our roadways safer. Illinois is not a helmet law (state) but we encourage all motorcycle drivers to wear their helmets at all times,” said Sgt. Tony Halsey.  “Coming into intersections or stop signs, just take an extra second to look to make sure that A, there’s no vehicle or B no motorcycle coming through there.”

Sgt. Halsey feels like this is the right time to refresh yourself with basic safety procedures.

And you’ll see extra troopers and other law enforcement on the road over the holiday weekend.

Tyler Lopez

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