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River now open, shipments delayed due to flooding

As we talk about the potential for flash flooding, Illinois River traffic is just starting to bounce back after our last round. Some shipments were halted and there are still safety concerns.

Doug Morgan with the US Army Corps of Engineers, at the Peoria Lock and Dam, said the river re-opened the first week in May.

He said the only major impact they had locally was traffic slowed down significantly on the waterway. He also stated many towing industries stopped their routes for safety reasons, trying to help protect crews’ efforts aiding in flood relief.

“If you have a boat coming through, that can cause a lot of damage to these sand bag walls and ultimately breech them, so that’s why the river gets shut down to protect those kinds of barriers,” said Morgan.

Since the river re-opened, tow boats have been moving up and down the river. Peoria Lock and Dam does not recommend using recreational boats just yet, saying there is still a lot of floating debris.

We asked the Peoria County Farm Bureau how all the flooding has impacted shipments on the river. They said total corn shipments to the Mississippi Gulf are down nearly 20 percent mostly due to weather disruptions.


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