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New K9 Cop in Pekin Full of Energy

Beware of breaking the law in Pekin, hey have a new, very energetic K9 officer.

The two-and-a-half year old dutch shepherd named Bas has been training since late February with his handler officer Ryan Smith.

They just graduated from the ISU police academy.

Most of the commands the officers use for the dog are actually given in Dutch.

“When he’s not working, you know, sniffing out drugs or something like that, we’re constantly training throughout the shift,” Smith said.

Bas is trained in person and drug searches.

He and his handler Smith took the streets May 9.

They hope this partnership will last for 10 years, depending on the health of the dog.

“But, realistically it depends on their health, is the biggest factor. If at any time they start having any kind of health issues, whether it be their teeth, their eyes, their paws, their hips, anything like that, we’re not going to work them in pain./ We’ll typically retire them,” said Sgt. Rob Jones.


Tyler Lopez

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