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Downtown Peoria to see multiple development projects in warehouse district

From distilleries, housing, and offices this summer is full of development for the warehouse district in downtown Peoria.

While the summer is usually associated with construction, it’s not only the roads that are getting a face-lift.

“In the last few years we’ve seen a significant increase in downtown housing which is very exciting as well as an uptick in commercial interests in the downtown especially the Warehouse district.”  said Michael Freilinger the President and CEO of the Downtown Development Corporation

Michael Freilinger with the Downtown Development Corporation said to bring millennial’s to Peoria, they are working to create a downtown to meet their desires.

“They want that urban living where they can walk to work, where their entertainment options are close by so the demand for that type of environment is strong. Businesses need that to attract workers and the city needs it to attract businesses.”  said Freilinger

One building on the 900 block of South West Adams Street will soon be the headquarters for famous arcade game Pop-A-Shot. Pop-A-Shot is a company which makes basketball arcade games to businesses and homes.

Across the street at 1000 SW Adams you’ll soon find Black Band Distillery. Bringing Whiskey back to the River City.

These are just a couple examples of the many revitalization projects coming this year.

At Tuesday’s Peoria City Council meeting the company that owns Pop-A-Shot was awarded a $250,000 loan.

Another new project which will include residential space and a new storefront is the former Grawey building also on SW Adams street next to Zion Coffee.

“The building is 80,000 square feet. It’s right on what we believe is going to be the retail district of the warehouse district.” said Freilinger

Black Band Distillery is expected to open this fall, while the timelines for the other SW Adams street projects are unknown.

Freilinger said  there are a couple other really big projects in the works that he said will also add to the Downtown Peoria area. He thinks the companies will be able to make those announcements in the coming months.

Kaitlin Pearson

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