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Community leaders vow to do more after latest shooting

In the wake of last night’s double shooting, claiming the life of four-year-old Jeremiah Ward, community leaders are vowing to do more. Leaders, who claim they are working hard to reduce violence, said they are trying to wrap their heads around this latest, fatal shooting.

“My first reaction was tears […] Society is becoming reckless and his death is the result of a reckless act,” said Pastor of Victory Christian Church, Chuck Brown.

“I cried. This was senseless,” said Carl Cannon, founder of Elite.

“So there’s no winners in any of this. My reaction to this, ‘How do we stop this? Where does it stop? When do we have to stop having balloon releases, candle vigils? How do we find out what’s bringing this aggression to our young people?'” said Executive Director of Think Mentor Academy.

Through programs like Think Mentor Academy and Elite, these leaders work with families and youth in and outside the home.

“No, it’s not enough. There is more that can be done, such as expanding what we are doing, getting to them earlier. We should be talking to kids when they are in Pre-K,” said Cannon.

“There are people who are really trying to make a difference, but it’s just going to come down to changing our culture and our thoughts about violence and thoughts about getting even with somebody or just how to communicate,” said Brown.

They said adults can model better behavior too.

“To get out on these corners, knock on these doors, talk to families and find out their needs. One of my solutions is we need to start having more anger classes,” said Miner.


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