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Baby tossed to safety in Streator fire, no injuries

UPDATE: Haley Collins and Bruce Scott called 911 from their second story apartment at 7:57 Saturday morning. Sgt. Robert Wood was the first officer on the scene and immediately ran to the back of the building where other tenants said the family was trapped with their newborn baby, Riley.

Officer Wood says he instructed them to kick out the screen on the window and trust him, before tossing their baby nearly 15 feet down to safety. All residents were safe. Alexis Cappano, regional manager for the property management company, says its amazing nobody was hurt. Sgt. Wood said his adrenaline was pumping the entire time, and it’s not a situation he’s trained for, but his instincts took over and the building was evacuated in less than 2 minutes.

Streator Police and Fire Departments are still investigating the cause of the fire. Cappano says they have a good idea of what sparked the blaze, but at this time all she can say is that it was not a building issue.

Viewer video shows the blaze as flames spout from the second story before firefighters show up.


Five people, two dogs, and thirteen newborn puppies were evacuated from a burning apartment in Streator Saturday morning – all of them unharmed.  

At 8am, first responders were called to a two story complex at 404 Richards Street after a call came in about residents inside being trapped.

During the rescue, a Streator Police Officer caught a newborn baby who was dropped by parents from a second story window to the awaiting officer. The parents then jumped through a second-story window to their safety.

A collaborative effort from Streator Fire, Police, and Advanced Medical Transport Fire made the rescue possible and once everyone’s safety was verified, firefighters successfully put out the heavy flames and smoke.

The initial fire was attacked in 10 minutes, but fire units stayed on the property for a total of five hours to completely extinguish everything, overhaul the building and help with the investigation.

Streator PD along with the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal are still investigating the cause.

Authorities say the building suffered considerable fire and smoke damage to the common area and stairways and damage is estimated at $50,000.

Vermillion Valley Dispatch, the American Red Cross, ComEd, and Nicor and all off-duty Streator Firefighters were on scene to help.

Lauren Melendez

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