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Fines, violations and warnings, nursing home report details offenders

Of the 725 nursing homes across the state, Central Illinois has some of the best and worst, according to Illinois state inspections.

25 News Investigative reporter Lauren Melendez, dug into hundreds of reports to find out where your loved ones may be at risk.

Research revealed at least thirty nursing homes in downstate Illinois, the state deems ‘under-performing.’

Two of them however; stuck out more than many others.

A search of ‘‘ shows countless long-term care facilities, struggling to meet state standards.

Those facilities are evaluated by inspectors on health, staffing, and quality measures – on a 1-5 star scale.

Krystal – a local woman whose last name is being withheld to protect her anonymity – says her father had Dementia. She decided to share her experience, watching her father live out his days as a resident at Aperion Care in Bloomington.

Krystal did so, with the agreement that 25 News blur her face in the story, because she feared the Aperion employees might retaliate against her dad for sharing what she calls ‘disturbing information and images.’

“If he knew how he was living, he’d be mortified. I’m mortified.” Krystal explains she would yank him out of the nursing home immediately if she were his Power of Attorney, but she isn’t.

She grew emotional as she explained how tough it is to even hug her dad sometimes because of the conditions she says she often find him, when she visits.

“When I look at his pants he’s wet from where he’s urinated through his depends. {Crying} It’s pretty bad. It’s horrible.” she said.

At one point, she saw a puddle of urine in her father’s bathroom that had just been left there. She was disgusted. She described her dad as a funny, loving and well-groomed man. The person she often visits, isn’t the dad she remembers fondly.

Despite it all, Krystal would faithfully drive upwards of an hour each week to spend time with him. She also noticed the staff there were short and would find herself in situations where she was volunteering help.

Unfortunately, since the time Lauren Melendez interviewed Krystal, to the day this report aired, her father passed away. Saddened of course, Krystal explains the bright side, is that her father is no longer living at Aperion.

The franchise has several locations in Illinois, but their twin cities site, is the only one with a ‘caution’ symbol next to their review on Medicare. It means they’re a ‘Special Focus Facility’ with a “history of poor persistent quality care.”

It also means, the site is subject to more frequent state inspections, harsher federal penalties and a potential for Medicare and Medicaid denial.

In Chicago, Fred Frankel – Aperion’s ‘General Counsel’ explains he inherited the company along with a slew of problems in 2016, from previous owners who went bankrupt. Frankel tells the 25 News Investigative team

Lauren Melendez

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