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All the rain means your basement could flood

With this rain comes flooded basements.

Tuesday we rode along with a cleaning company and checked out some damaged basements in Washington and Morton.

One Washington resident noticed water coming from his sump pump and because he acted so quickly, it saved him thousands of dollars.

Richard Freeman called a plumber right away and then used a machine to suck water from the carpet.

“I probably got fifteen to twenty gallons of water out of it,” said Freeman.

Because he acted so quickly, there was no moisture inside the walls and professionals did not have to cut the walls, or take the base boards off. Freeman has insurance, but a high deductible.

Over in Morton, another sump pump failed. One resident said he had not experienced anything like this before and just happened to walk down to his basement to put something in the fridge.

“Carpet was all wet when I stepped in. Then I was, you know, a little bit scared and worried, you know, how much damage it has done,” said resident, Venkat Kakollu.

Kakollu said the water was probably there for two days before he noticed it There was moisture in the wall, about a foot high, and had two to three inches of water on the floor. The damages could cost up to $13,000.

“Definitely check with your insurance company and find out if you have the appropriate coverage,” said Steven Miner, with Stanley Steemer.


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