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You Gotta Eat: Kobe Hibachi Steak House

BLOOMINGTON, lll. (WEEK) — Let me tell you about a hidden gem in Bloomington.

It’s called “Kobe,” a hibachi steak house located in the Eastland Commons Shopping Center off North Veterans Parkway.

For the past 8 years, the owners here have been entertaining customers and filling their plates.

“We kinda want to make everyone who walks through that door happy and leave happy as well,” said Ryan Martin, the restaurant’s general manager.

One thing that makes the customers who come here happy is the all you can eat sushi bar.

“We love coming. It’s like $10.00 for all you can eat sushi…best deal in town,” said regular customer Jason Holt.

A deal you simply can’t pass up.

This well stocked buffet features almost every type of sushi you can dream of. From crunchy shrimp rolls to California rolls, customers take full advantage of the all you can eat delicacies and the price.

And if you’re not a fan of sushi, that’s OK, because they’ve got you covered on the hibachi side of the restaurant.

Oh, did I mention you get a show with your meal?

The chef came in and impressed me with his charming and entertaining style of cooking.

All you have to do is sit back and watch the chefs slice and dice steak, chicken, and seafood delicacies just a few feet away from you. Oh, and be prepared to see lots of fire!

“I like the way they fry the rice up. I can’t do it at home. I’ve tried but it doesn’t come out like that at all,” said customer Mike Smith.

That’s why you leave this fancy cooking to the experts. My meal was a combination of rice with vegetables, shrimp, chicken, steak and scallops. Look at the steam coming off of my plate. Do you see it?

It was a taste that was pleasing to my palate.  And it didn’t cost me and arm and a leg…only $13.23.

“The next time you’re in Bloomington, stop by Kobe because “You Gotta Eat.”

Semone Doughton

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